Forum Islam dan Cabaran Semasa 20 Januari 2013

Dalam usaha memberikan penjelasan berterusan tentang keprihatinan dan pendirian tegas mempertahankan kesucian kalimah Allah, gabungan Pertubuhan-pertubuhan Islam Bukan Kerajaan (NGI) yang bersepakat di atas nama PEMBELA, akan menganjurkan Forum Islam dan Cabaran Semasa dengan mengangkat tajuk “Polemik Isu Kalimah Allah” pada hari Ahad 20 Januari 2013, bermula jam 8.30 pagi, bersamaan 8 Rabiul Awal 1434 bertempat di Auditorium Utama, Kampus Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia, Gombak. Continue reading


New Book: Gatherings of Illumination in Sending Blessings upon the Best of Creation

The following is from a mailing list I belong to:

The translation of Majalis al-Nur fi Salati ala al-Rasul or Gatherings of Illumination in Sending Blessings upon the Best of Creation (authored by Samar al-Asha and translated by Feryal Salem) is complete and available for purchase. Please support the work of our dear scholars by getting a copy and sharing the link with your contacts. All profits will go towards the Nur Foundation for Sacred Sciences and their efforts to provide education in the traditional sciences.

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An important Ramadhan reminder

[Note] The following article on “The 10 Benefits of Hunger” by Hujjat al-Islam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali is from a mailing list I belong to.

The Prophet (pbuh) said: “combat the self with hunger and thirst, for there is reward in that.”

One might perhaps ask: “wherefrom is this great virtue of hunger? What is the reason for it when there is but pain for the stomach and harmful suffering? And if it is to be so, then man should be granted greater rewards for allowing the self to suffer such harm in denying the flesh what it craves and forcing it to accept the objectionable and the like.”

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Welcome Ramadhan 1433H

Ramadhan will start insha Allah 21 July 2012, Saturday. During the month of Ramadhan, Allah (swt) makes it easy for us to acquire His blessings, mercy and forgiveness. There can be no better time to attain this than this blessed month. All that is required on our part is to create in our hearts the wish, ambition, devotion, zeal; eagerness and that we exert increased determination to acquire the pleasure of Almighty Allah. Continue reading

A Must-Read Book

I had the privilege of attending the launch of Yang Mulia Tan Sri Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas’ latest pearl of wisdom, entitled “Historical fact And Fiction” earlier today. It was held at UTM’s International Campus, Kuala Lumpur. Read the news here and here; the book’s synopsis and a glimpse of its contents can be found here. Continue reading

My resignation as Chairman, Islamic Outreach ABIM

Al-Hamdulillah, wa Sallallah wa Sallama `Ala Sayyidina Rasulillah, wa Alihi wa Sahbihi wa Man Walah, Wa Ba`du;

I have submitted my official resignation letter as Chairman, Islamic Outreach ABIM, to ABIM’s Secretary General, with a requested effective date of August 31, 2011. The representatives from ABIM’s Central Executive Committee have recently met with the staff to discuss moving forward; under their leadership, a transition plan will be charted. Continue reading

The real Islamophobia

It is not Osama, or even the universal celebration of his supposed capture.

It is the twenty American states considering a legal ban on Shari’ah activities, including legal penalties for operating businesses according to Shari’ah law. It has been described as ‘a discriminatory and wholly unfounded idea‘. How this can be in a supposedly “free country” is a great mystery. Continue reading