The real Islamophobia

It is not Osama, or even the universal celebration of his supposed capture.

It is the twenty American states considering a legal ban on Shari’ah activities, including legal penalties for operating businesses according to Shari’ah law. It has been described as ‘a discriminatory and wholly unfounded idea‘. How this can be in a supposedly “free country” is a great mystery. Continue reading

Reviving the humane among our Muslims

COMMENT We know that Allah the Most Exalted wants us to return to Him as human beings, not as human in form yet showing many animal qualities. The one letter “e” makes the difference. The first sign of a humane Muslim is that he treats other Muslims as if they were true human beings, not as victims of poverty, war crimes, rich inheritances, elderly or senile, or anything else. Continue reading

Fathering Matters: A Time for Reflection

From time to time I try to remind myself of the huge task of being a father. The following reflections I hope will do that and will be useful to all fathers out there. We all hear many stories about dead-beat fathers who are not living up to their responsibilities and fail to become good examples for their children to emulate from, but all fathers are not the same. There are some fathers who take very good care of their children. When the mothers are not around they have to assume that responsibility as well.

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