Beyond COMANGO’s demands

Best-selling sociologist Ivan Illich wrote a short classic on energy problems fifty years ago, where he analyzed and proposed what he called “Energy and Equity”. By this he hoped that the earth’s energy resources would be distributed evenly and fairly among all of civilization. Barring long-sought breakthroughs in the engineering of nuclear fusion power (promising unlimited energy for everyone), this dream has not come close to being fulfilled. We now have the same problem in the fair protection of human rights for the entire human race. Continue reading

MuslimUPRo welcomes new OIC Secretary General

Dr. Iyad Amin Madani, the OIC’s new Secretary General, has issued a welcome and concise statement on human rights issues at a recent meeting of the OIC IPHRC (Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission). Noting the urgent need for a form of measurement of the distance between the Islamic model of human rights and local laws and practices of various UN member countries, he details a number of specific matters in which the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) has gone well beyond Islamic limitations, even though most OIC countries take part in the UDHR. Continue reading

Cabaran meratifikasi konvensyen-konvensyen Hak Asasi Manusia Sejagat

Pada 10 Disember 2013, bersempena dengan Hari Hak Asasi Manusia pada tahun ini, Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia (SUHAKAM), Tan Sri Hasmy Agam, telah membuat kenyataan tentang cabaran yang dikemukakan kepada pegawai kerajaan Myanmar untuk bersaing dengan Malaysia di dalam menandatangani dan meratifikasi konvensyen-konvensyen antarabangsa Hak Asasi Manusia (HAM). Continue reading

COMANGO’s siege mentality

It is now less than 8 hours before Malaysia goes under review of her human rights record in the UPR process at the Human Rights Council, Geneva.

I have read an article by Honey Tan of COMANGO’s secretariat (here’s the full link) and, as has happened before, was initially impressed with her commendable writing skills. Then, as has also happened before, I watched her unravel a bit as she descended into ‘emotional’ remarks.

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UDHR and the position of Islam in Malaysia’s Federal Constitution

This paper examines the issue of the relationship between the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Malaysian Federal Constitution. Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution specially singles out Islam as the religion of the Federation of Malaysia. This provision therefore, prima facie, conflicts with the provisions of the UDHR which require that people are not discriminated against on the basis of, among other grounds such as religion.

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