The 5th Meeting of Istanbul Process

The 5th Meeting of Istanbul Process

Key Points of Moderators’ summary of the 5th Meeting of Istanbul Process for the “full and effective implementation of UN HRC Resolution 16/18”

In continuation of the previous four constructive meetings, the 5th Meeting of the Istanbul Process was held in the Headquarters of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from 3-4 June 2015 to consider the full and effective implementation of UN HRC Resolution 16/18. Continue reading

Press Release | SUHAKAM urges Human Rights Compliance: Surrender or Enrichment?

On 27th December 2013, the Malaysian Bar issued a statement in support of the call by the Malaysian Human Rights Commission (“SUHAKAM”), and its Chairman, Tan Sri Hasmy Agam, for Malaysia to look seriously into accelerating the pace of ratification of the six remaining core United Nations instruments on human rights. I wish to reply to some of the issues mentioned in the statement. Relevant Malaysian Bar’s points in italics, my comments in plain font.

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Pertahankan kedaulatan Islam di sesi Semakan Berkala Sejagat (UPR) 2013

Mereka yang mengikuti perkembangan proses Sesi Semakan Berkala Sejagat (UPR), Majlis Hak Asasi Manusia Pertubuhan Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu (UNHRC), pasti pernah membaca berita yang dilaporkan beberapa media Barat mengenai tindakan Israel menarik diri seketika dari proses UPR pada bulan Januari 2013 yang lalu. Israel telah mendakwa wujud sikap “double standard dan berat sebelah”, yang menyebabkan proses tersebut “dieksploitasi” kumpulan-kumpulan seperti Liga Arab, Pertubuhan Kerjasama Islam (OIC) dan NGO-NGO tertentu untuk menekan dan mensasarkan rekod buruk hak asasi manusia (HAM) Israel, khususnya berkaitan penganiayaan dan penzaliman mereka terhadap masyarakat awam Palestin. Continue reading

Malaysia’s 2nd Evaluation under the Universal Periodic Review, 24th October 2013

Malaysia is fast approaching the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) session, to be held on October 24, 2013 at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. There were some reports sent individually to the Council by bodies such as the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the Bar Council, the International Commission of Jurists as well as other human rights-based NGOs. However, the contents of the COMANGO (a coalition of Malaysian NGOs in the UPR process) report form the bulk of the demands contained in the documents used as a point of reference for Malaysia’s human rights record this time around. Continue reading

MuslimUPRo’s Media Statement 1st October 2013

Malaysia‘s Second Evaluation under the Universal Periodic Review Process, Human Rights Council, Geneva

The coalition of Islamic NGOs in the UPR process (MuslimUPRo) will be sending a small delegation of observers to the UPR session involving Malaysia at the Human Rights Council, Geneva, Switzerland on 24th October 2013. Prior to this, it was the first time that the Islamic Non-Government Organisations were officially invited by Wisma Putra, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to attend a consultancy process for the preparation of a Malaysian national report to the Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Continue reading

Why and By Whom is Marriage being Redefined?

Young adult men’s support for redefining marriage may not be entirely the product of ideals about expansive freedoms, rights, liberties, and fairness. It may be, in part, a by-product of regular exposure to diverse and graphic sex acts.” The scholarly studies that have produced this statement are reported here. This is important research in the Social Sciences that needs to be brought to the attention of the United Nations Human Rights Council and the proponents of the 2006 Yogyakarta Principles, which tend to assume that their infamous “Human Rights” fully supports gay rights and pro-choice reproductive freedoms (in other words, free abortion). Continue reading

We must defend the sanctity of Divine Law

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Malaysia and neighboring countries are under a lot of pressure to offer legal and public recognition to the LGBTs, and will be under even more pressure at the United Nations in 2013, where Malaysia will be subjected to a review of her human rights commitments under the Universal Periodic Review by the UN Human Rights Council.

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Human Rights for LGBTs?

Al Qur’an makes it clear from the first Surah that the Shaitan will tempt and corrupt all human beings possible, since he is jealous that humankind is only made out of earthly mud while the Shaitan himself was one of the angels made out of fire. Allah SWT gives Shaitan permission to try any tricks he may wish, that in the end, those humans who test well in their behavior and refrain from performing mischief in the earth, will be protected and chosen by Allah SWT to enter Paradise when they die. Continue reading