Respecting our parents

Why do so few parents get the respect they deserve? For example, when a young couple want to marry, they used to go to their respective parents and inquire as to the wisdom of the match. The parents will conduct a screening, and then give or withhold their consent, as they see fit. Continue reading

Hopes for the future of our youth

30th April. Every year, the day Adolph Hitler committed suicide rolls around. This happens to be this writer’s birthday as well. It makes me think, how can we avoid ever subjecting our youth to such evil and such infamy as those Hitler years? Continue reading

Thoughts on Youth & Islamic Leadership

The following notes were initially prepared for the Regional Conference on Islamic Leadership entitled, Islamic Leadership in the Changing ASEAN: Fostering Peace and Development in Manila 26-29 April 2010 Unfortunately I was unable to travel due to unforeseen circumstances. My focus in this short presentation centers around three elements from among the conference objectives. Continue reading

Key institutions used to control the opposition

A primary principle of democratic government that can and should be imported into the Muslim Ummah is self-regulation by means of opposition dialogue and political parties. Political opposition, accomplished through the right channel and by reasonable means, is NOT the same as “sedition”, therefore blogs and other forms of detraction from majority party views may not be labeled as “seditious”, as is the habit here in Malaysia.

Continue reading